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November 2018
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10 must-know strategies to speed up your WordPress site

Sathish SatzSathish Satz

The websites and blogs are the identities that one creates online to showcase their things in a better way. It is the best practice to expose the career/projects online. One may create a good blog in a matter of seconds. But optimizing them would be a hectic task. This post will be about 10 easy ways to speed up your WordPress site.

People tend to get the results online in a faster way and they don’t like the laggy websites. So, crafting a fast loading website is the major key to drive huge organic traffic as well as earn authority.

10 must-know strategies to speed up your WordPress site

10 must-know strategies to speed up your WordPress site

The below 10 simple hacks will make you speed up your WordPress site than ever.

  1. Installation of light-weight themes
  2. Reduce integrating more stuff
  3. Choosing a good hosting
  4. Reduce plugin count
  5. Reduce advertisements
  6. Installing cache plugin
  7. Mobile responsiveness
  8. Stop auto-playing videos
  9. Update your CMS regularly
  10. Image optimization

These aren’t the ultimate guide for your speed optimization. You could also extend your search over online and recommend us under the comment section.

1. Installation of light-weight themes

The theme that structures the whole blog or website is considered as a major backbone. You should be clever enough to choose any light-weight theme to keep your site perform better.

One bad theme can ruin your complete website. Choose them wisely and blog.Click To Tweet

Always, read the reviews and reach out the people those who already use the theme that you’re eager to install on your blog. This could help you understand the real worth of that theme.

I recommend you choose any light-weight theme and keep your WordPress site simple and sleek.

2. Reduce integrating more stuff

Integrating more stuff into your weblog is a bad idea. You may integrate your blog with Facebook Page, Twitter Timeline, Public Chat Box, Fancy and Heavy widgets, integrating the badges and more could slow down your website.

You should integrate the most loved and useful stuff. Excessive integration will eat your bandwidth and slowdowns your blog in a drastic way.

Keep your blog less integrated with the external source and speed up your WordPress Site without any issue.

3. Choosing a good hosting

Choosing the hosting provider is the top-most task that one should care of. If the hosting fails, then your blog fails. It is proportional to each other.

The below infographic will help you in choosing a best managed hosting provider for your WordPress website.

I recommend you go for the best hosting provider that assures the above criteria. Don’t fall for cheap and waste your career anymore. Try BlogBing – Managed Cloud Hosting to speed up your WordPress site.

Hosting is the CPU of your online growth and it is considered as the top reason for altering the website speed as well.

BlogBing - A WordPress Hosting

BlogBing – A WordPress Hosting

4. Reduce plugin count

The plugin is an add-on that helps the blog do a specific or set of tasks without any hassle. There exist tons of WordPress plugin in the market. But only a few do a great job and remains notable in this world.

You’re always recommended to have a minimal list of active plugins rather than dumping your site with heavy plugins. Use the necessary plugins alone such as Yoast (An SEO plugin), WP Rocket, Updraft Plus, Akismet, Google Analytics, Social Warfare and few more.

You’re recommended to keep the list short and enjoy the speed of your website without degrading your site performance. Remove the unwanted, crappy default plugin and the inactive plugins from your plugin dashboard.

5. Reduce advertisements

You should be aware of advertisement visuals that slow down your blog and eat the bandwidth. I suggest you keep your blog and website simple and sweet with minimal advertisements.

The fewer advertisement units are most often preferred by the blog readers and visitors. It would help the blog owners achieve good trustability as well.

The data request that the advertisement unit retrieves could cause an issue with the speed of the website. So, keep your website and blog with fewer advertisements. Also, avoid using pop-up or pop-under advertisements on your WordPress blog.

6. Installing cache plugin

The Cache Plugins are the life savior for your blog performance. It helps your blog loads quicker than before without any complex implementation. You have to install any cache plugin and then activate it to optimize your blog.

You could see the difference once you’ve successfully integrated any cache plugin. It helps your website to load quickly by compressing the heavy codes, reducing the data request, minifying the CSS and HTML codes and more.

But you should be careful in enabling the plugin. If you don’t have any knowledge in optimizing the thins under advanced settings, hire a pro. He/She could do things in a better way.

7. Mobile responsiveness

The usage of mobile devices leads to a huge increase in mobile browsing activity. The blog optimization for the mobile user would be a wise choice for gaining maximum reach.

The mobile browsing experience should be smooth enough. If you’re not optimizing your blog for mobile visitors, then you’re under risk to receive the hits.

I recommend you convert your weblog to AMP powered and mobile version based one for attaining maximum benefits.

If you really care about your mobile responsiveness, you’ll gain more fame and visitors quickly.Click To Tweet

8. Stop auto-playing videos

The auto-play video option in a blog is an annoying thing. The visitor might bounce back from the blog that has an irritating auto-playing of videos that eats up the bandwidth of the user.

So, I recommend you avoid enabling auto-play video visuals. It could slow down your blog loading speed and irritates the visitors. Uploading the video content directly into your blog will exhaust your complete hosting storage.

If you really need to showcase a video, you’re recommended to upload your video content to any video hosting websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or more. Later, you could embed the video into your blog post.

Embedding the video will be a good choice and this won’t ruin your blog’s speed. This will make you speed up your WordPress site without any hassle.

9. Update your CMS regularly

The CMS that you’re using it for your blog should be updated regularly. CMS – Content Management System such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Ghost, Prestashop & more must be updated to the latest version to stay free from bugs.

Before updating your CMS to the latest version, you’re recommended to take the backup of your site (safer side). Updating to the latest CMS version could eliminate the lag in your blog speed. Thus, it helps you speed up your WordPress site effortlessly.

10. Image optimization

Image visuals are the major reason for slow browsing experience. Your images with HD quality will be fantastic to decorate your blog. But it might slow down and also eats up the data bandwidth.

You are recommended to use any best image compression plugin/add-on to minimize the image loading time.

Note: The image compression plugin would compress your image and visuals which might create a low-quality image appearance.

Wrapping up

The above 10 best strategies would definitely speed up your WordPress site without any doubt. The blog speed matters a lot and it is considered as one of the ranking factors by several search engines.

A few seconds delay might alter the blog’s growth. So, you should focus on the speed optimization as well as smoothen the browsing experience of your blog.

BlogBing is a cloud-based WordPress hosting provider which provides ultra-speed optimization technique within the hosting end. Combination of the speed optimization plugin could work well and eventually speed up your blog without any doubt.

Need to optimize your new blog? – Check BlogBing Today

Sathish Satz, a blogger, content writer, digital marketing strategist and a civil engineering guy. He writes about hosting, blogging, tech, SEO, entrepreneurship and more.

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