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October 2018
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How to Become A More Productive Blogger

Adarsh MAdarsh M

We should be more productive to gain something big. How productive are you?

Are you able to finish your work on time? Not every time, right? And we often get distracted, especially on the busy days.

How to become a more productive blogger?

How many posts you publish a week?

Can you be more productive?

I was looking for some working methods for a long time and I have shared some working methods here. I am sure that you can be more productive after trying these methods.

Time Management

You know how important it is to manage the time for everything.

When do you feel like your mind is better or productive? It may be different for different people, right?

So, write when your mind works well. It can be at any time. It can be before sunrise, after sunrise or at midnight. Write when you feel comfortable to think.

And follow the same schedule every day. So, you won’t miss anything due to busy schedules. And you can be a more productive blogger too!

Distractions? Stay away from it

What is distracting you?

Social media, television or any other noise?

Just stay away from it when you write (Not necessary if you can keep yourself focused when you are before it). You can use chrome extensions if you are using Chrome or any other distraction block app for that.

You can’t find a place with no distraction. But you can find an environment with the least distraction.

Write from there, and you can see the increase in productivity. It can be a room or something where you are not vulnerable to distractions.

Writer’s block?

It happens with every writer. Words may not come every time. So, how can we overcome it?

Just keep writing!

The reasons can be,

The inner fear about the criticism. Just write it mate! Write down your ideas and expand it when you are comfortable. And timing is another important reason for your writer’s block. We may not be able to write a long blog post every time. It depends on the time we choose to write.

And you know, no one is perfect. Don’t try to become a perfectionist. Write it down and don’t think about the errors. Because it’s the idea that matters. If people can understand what you wrote even with errors. Then, it’s fine 🙂 Write your post now.

Note down the whatever comes to your mind and keep doing this every time. And edit the post when you feel comfortable and complete the post.

Break down the post

Break down the post into different categories when you are writing long posts.

Breaking down the main topic into small parts can help you stay productive. It’s common that we get lazy when we have too much work to do. But breaking the main topic and expanding the categories one by one can help you write better for you readers.

And if the categories can be divided, do it!

Wrapping it up:

Trying things that you find hard to do are not going to increase your productivity. Instead, try the methods that you feel you can do comfortably any time.

Share your best tips here in comment section. So, we can try more methods.

Blogger & Brand Strategist at BlogBing.

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