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November 2018
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Blog Data Security – Are you Safe from Disasters


As a Blogger, what is your most valuable asset ? Let me guess, I think it’s your Blog, Right ??!!! Because you have spent huge time and money on your Blog to make it most valuable in matter of SEO and Content, and now you’re utilizing your efforts to make money.

Now coming to the point, Let me ask you few Questions…

No matter you’re paying 20 Rs per Month or 50000 Rs per Month, have you ever asked your Hosting Provider that “What will happen if suddenly your servers will crash with all data loss ?”

And trust me, Most of the Hosting Providers will have no satisfying answer. Because If you’re sorting Hosting providers with Cheap pricing, then you always get what you pay for.

In 50-100 Rs Monthly, You can’t expect Multiple Backup servers or Disaster Recovery System. Because it’s obvious that No company can afford these things in cheap Budget.


You’re simply putting your Blogs on Fire just to save 100-200 Rs per Month. And you’re feeling Happy that you have cheap hosting with very Good looking cpanel. Are you really serious ???

And yes, the same thing applies for Digitalocean or Vultr users. What will happen if your server gets data loss due to any worst situation. Are you ready for that ?

Never think that You’ve backup stored on your server, so you’re safe. Because if your Backups are stored in same server, than Trust me – It’s useless.

If you’re in Blogging, then Your Blog uptime and Data security is most important part of your Business. Because one small mistake, and you’re out of the Game with your all Hard Work of so many years.

At BlogBing, We’re using Most powerful Backup System to save your data from any disaster with Multiple Encryption and Datacenter Distribution. So, You get your data anytime without any fear.

And the most important thing – No unauthenticated person can get your Data, no matter If whole BlogBing Database or Servers get Hacked.

Here are the steps we’re following for Backup of your Blogs at BlogBing

So, This is what your Blog deserves. Frankly speaking, We can afford it, Because we charge money for that. If you expect your cheap hosting provider to do the same for you, then just think twice. Do you think they can afford Multiple Backup Datacenters with your 50-60 Rs Monthly rent ? I don’t think so.

So, From now, Whenever you’re hosting your Blog, think twice for Safety. Because your Blog is your whole Business. Once it’s lost, You’ll be out of your all Hard Work and Reputation.

If you love our technology, we’re always happy to welcome you on BlogBing – Asia’s First Managed Blog Hosting Platform powered by Microsoft Azure.

Do you have something in your Mind you want to share ? Or have any suggestion or tips for the Readers ? Comment it here. Let’s build health Discussion.

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