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November 2018
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How to Use BlogBing Keyword Research Tool

Adarsh MAdarsh M

You can see several keyword research tools on the web available for free and paid. And if you have used any, you will know what features you need and how to use them, if it is available in the tool you use.

And it is important to know how to use a feature to get the most out of the tool you use, especially when it is a premium tool.

I want to make sure that any of the features of BlogBing won’t be missed out by any of our users.

In this post, you will see how to use each and every feature of BlogBing.

Features of BlogBing keyword research tool

  1. The largest keyword database. Our database contains keywords from around 198 countries and 47 languages.
  2. Different search methods (Google AdWords, Google Suggest, Question keywords and Deep LSI).
  3. BCPC (Blogger CPC) is one of the unique features of BlogBing.
  4. Keyword export and copy feature.
  5. Keyword difficulty for every keyword.
  6. Keyword search trend graph which shows the search trend of last 1 year.
  7. SERP details with DA, PA, Moz Trust, etc. of top 10 sites.

I wanted to tell you even more because our developers are cooking more features. I think we would be able to taste those features soon! But there is something called SURPRISE! And I don’t want to break it now. Because we love Surprising our users with more and more features, all the time.

So, let me take you to what I really wanted to tell you.

How to use BlogBing keyword research tool

Do you know how to use Google search? Using BlogBing is similar to that.

Let me show you how to do Keyword research on BlogBing.


  1. Active and not too slow internet connection.
  2. BlogBing account (Sign Up for Free here).

  1. Get Started by signing in to BlogBing (Sign up now, if you don’t have any). Click Get Started to sign in.
  2. Type your keyword in the first box, where you can see ‘Enter Keyword‘.
  3. Click Search, if you don’t want to change anything like Country, language or search method.

Okay, you don’t like this? Want better keywords?

Then try this!

  1. Get started by typing your keyword in the first box, where you can see ‘Enter Keyword’.
  2. Change Global to any country you target and Search.

We have the database of keywords from 198 countries. If you want country wise keyword volume or difficulty, try changing Global to any other country and search.

If you set the country as the United States, you will see the keywords, search volume, BCPC, CPC, PPC and SERP in Google US.

If you have a site targeting users specific country alone, you can change Global to that country and find the best keywords.

3. Find keywords in other languages

Now, you can see Language set as English-English. If you are targeting users from a specific country, then you can change language to that specific language to find more keywords.

You can search and find keywords in different languages. You can see that I have searched for Google in Arabic. So, you know what you can do this with BlogBing.

This is what I found when I search for google in Chinese (Simplified).

4. Suggestion Methods

BlogBing has four different suggestion methods.

  1. Google AdWords
  2. Google suggest
  3. Question keywords
  4. Deep LSI

You can use Google Adwords if you are looking for keyword suggestions from Google Adwords.

Google Suggest is another method which gives you keyword suggestions like you see when you type something on Google search.

Question keywords show you keyword suggestions like questions. If you search for a car, you will get suggestions like, how to build a car, etc. and similar keywords.

Deep LSI is something different from other suggestion methods as it doesn’t show similar keyword suggestions. Deep LSI shows keywords that are not similar to the keyword you type, but it gives keywords in the same niche. If you type WhatsApp, it will show you similar apps related to it or keywords in the same niche.

Choose as per your need and find the best keywords. Try now!


After you click on search button, you will find keywords and other information on the page.

In the left panel, you will see the keyword suggestions based on the main keyword. And the metrics are,

Volume: average monthly search volume.

CPC: average cost per click of the listed keyword.

BCPC: average cost per click you will get for an ad click from Google AdSense.

PPC: the level of competition in PPC advertising (min=0, max=100).

In the right panel, there is Keyword difficulty, trends, and SERP.

Keyword Difficulty: SEO difficulty of a keyword based on DA, PA, MR, MT of the pages on the first Google SERP.


What is Blogger CPC (BCPC)

BCPC (Blogger CPC) is an approximate CPC you will get from AdSense when someone clicks on your ad who enters to your site and clicks an ad related to that keyword in your site.

The BCPC is different for the same keyword in different countries. So, it is advised to check Blogger CPC for different countries if you really want to know how much you will get for an ad click.

The BCPC you see is the highest and lowest BCPC. You can also see the Highest and Lowest BCPC by placing the cursor above it.

How to export keywords in BlogBing

You can Export keywords into csv or you can copy the keywords.

To export Select the keywords you want to export and you will see a button popping up. Click on it and you will find an option to download the keywords.

Other features of BlogBing Keyword Research tool

Keyword Difficulty is a feature which helps you understand the difficulty to rank on a keyword. So, you can work accordingly.

You can also see the monthly search volume and SERP results. The monthly search volume can be used to analyze the keyword. And the SERP details help you identify your competitors without using another tool or doing it manually.

And use the monthly search volume of the keyword to understand the keyword and to get an idea about the traffic you will get from that keyword if you ranked on it.

Still need help?

Click on the chat icon to chat with us.

Also, to know more about the developments you can see our Roadmap here.

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