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November 2018
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What Do You Need Before Starting Your Blog or Website

Adarsh MAdarsh M

Planning to start a website or blog?

Starting a blog or website may be easy until you know what all things you need before starting your site.

I am not trying to scare you, instead, let me show help you move forward without being stuck in each step of starting your blog or website.

Aim (Most Important- Why?)

What are you aiming at? Are you trying to build a blog…? Are you aiming at making your site an authority in your niche?

Why do you need a blog? In most cases, the answer to this question is your aim.

What are your Goals?

It would be different for blogs and websites. And it would be different for different business.

If I am having a blog, my goal is to reach people who love to read my content. If I am having a business website where I sell products, my goal is to get people to buy my product. So, write down your goals in a paper. And try to achieve your goals within the time you allocated for it.

Domain Name

If you are ready with your goals, then you should find a name for your business or blog or website.

It’s just once, you should not change the name of your blog or website again and again. So, take some time and find a perfect name for your site.

The name should be,

Once you find a few names,


You shouldn’t compromise on the quality of web hosting anymore.

If you are in a bad hosting, you may face downtime, high loading time, bad customer support and after all, you will be with your bad neighbors who spam their site or with other PBNs or anything that can hurt your site.

If you are running a business or whatever it is, your site should be up 24×7 and load with awesome speed. So, never compromise on your hosting anymore.

How to choose your Hosting provider?

If you are looking for the best experience, you should understand what you need before you buy the hosting. There are plans in which there are more RAM and less storage, less RAM and more storage or have everything high and the price may also differ according to those plans. So, by knowing your requirements you can choose the best hosting plan and save money.

Looking for reviews about the hosting provider can help you up to an extent before you buy the hosting. Also, check the features they provide before you buy. Some of them may not offer free backup, free migration, etc. and you have to pay extra for that. So, checking all those features can help you save money for good.




A purely coded theme is necessary for a good blog. If you are trying to build a brand, investing on a good theme would be the best investment. A good theme increases the value of your brand. It creates a good impression among your audience.

A purely coded theme makes the site load faster with a bit of optimization if you are in a good hosting.

So, when you start your site, find a better theme and buy it or if you can’t afford one, don’t worry. There are awesome free themes in WordPress repository. Some of them are good as premium themes.

Some of the best themes for WordPress sites are made by Studiopress themes (Genesis Framework) and MyThemeShop.

Content & Analysis

Understand your audience and then write the content for them.Click To Tweet

Content is always the king but only if it is sent to the right audience. So, it’s always recommended to understand your audience and then write the best content for them.

Join Incredible Blogging Group and read what Isha Chakraborty told about Content Writing.

Just writing well-crafted content is not enough for building your brand. You should track each and everything on your site. There are many free and premium online tools for that. And never forget about content marketing 😀

And there are many other awesome tools to use…

So, are you ready to start your website or blog? Need help? Contact us 🙂

Blogger & Brand Strategist at BlogBing.

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