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November 2018
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Why Your Website Has High Bounce Rate

Adarsh MAdarsh M

Have you ever noticed an increase in bounce rate of your website?

If not, awesome! 🙂

Lower the bounce rate, best your site is.

If yes, what do you think about it?

What is Bounce rate?

The rate at which a visitor leaves your site. I don’t know about the complicated definitions of Bounce rate :p

So, there are many reasons for a visitor to leave a site without clicking on any other thing or to not to engage in anything else on the site.

As a reader or a visitor who browse the internet and visit a lot of sites, what are the factors that make you engage in a site?

When do you click on a link on the site you visited? When do you comment? When do you subscribe on a site?

Will you do this on every site you visit? No, you won’t.

So, let’s look at the reasons that decrease the engagement of users on a site and increase the bounce rate.

The site is slow loading!

Wait, do you like to visit a site that takes a lot of time to load? So, we should not expect people to stay on our site if our site is slow loading. Because no one will wait for a site to load when there are thousands of other high-quality sites loading in less than 2 seconds.

What could be the reason for slow loading of a site? There are many reasons for that.


Choose the best hosting every time. Compromising on quality of your hosting will only help you to decrease the page load speed. And that’s not something silly. People hate it when they have to wait for a site to load for more than 2 seconds.

A poorly coded theme can also be the reason for your slow loading site. If you can, then invest on a premium WordPress theme. Else, you a free theme. Free themes are good as premium themes.

Proper optimization can help you make your WordPress site load faster.

Using too many ads or pop-ups?

You can use ads and pop-ups on your site, but when it becomes annoying, who will like it? People have many choices in the web. So, make them feel important and care about them.

Using too many ads reduce the user engagement and decreases the page load speed of your site. You can use ads, but make sure you are using without hitting the user experience.

No popups, please!

I hate popups, do you?

It is annoying when the popup appears from everywhere on the site. Other types of ads aren’t that annoying. Still, make sure you place limited ads the site.

Placing too many ads won’t help you get clicks on the ads. Instead, try to place one or two ads that get the maximum attraction of the readers.

If you are doing affiliate marketing, you can place targetted banners which will increase clicks and sales.

Your Content isn’t good, why?

You won’t be reading this if my content is not good :p

I am not coming to tell you that I write good contents or to hire me. But I wanted to let you know that you are making some mistakes in creating your content.

As far as I knew, there are not so many rules in creating content for the site. You can create own style of writing. The only thing is, it should be understood easily.

When you write a blog post, write it for a 5 years old kid. People want to understand everything easily if they have to check the dictionary for every word in your post, they won’t stay on your site.

Another important point to remember is, don’t write long sentences or paragraphs. It may look weird for us at the beginning if you are the one who used to write a lot of essays. But in a few months, you will understand how better you write when you break down paragraphs into smaller ones.

Just don’t write more than 4 sentences in a paragraph. One or two sentences are more than enough in a paragraph (if you are writing a blog post :p).

You can hire a content writer easily if you wish, but you won’t be satisfied all the time for sure when you receive the content from a writer you hired. And getting someone with good writing skills isn’t that easy. So, I recommend you to develop good writing skills.

At first, find what is stopping you from writing good contents and then work on the problems and develop your skills.

Some tools that can help you in writing are,

Content is different from Title

Clickbait titles can attract readers, but can you stop them from leaving your site?

No, you can’t (yes, you can if you have a highly attractive content than the title you mentioned).

And not just clickbait titles, sometimes people even talk about something different from the title.

For example, the title is, “How Jo Made $9999 in 10 Days with Affiliate marketing” and the post will be about buying their video course for $999 to make $9999 in a few days.

So, never do that, readers hate it when they see something entirely different from what they want.

Some suggestions to create better titles are,

And some ideas to improve bounce rate,

How awesome your site design is?

People look at the design too!

Would you stay long in a site that is arranged improperly?

A good web design includes,

So, make your site look great and comfortable for users to browse.

And one important thing!

People use their phones more than PC or laptop to browse around the sites. So, optimize your site design for that.

That’s how you can decrease the bounce rate and make your site a better one. And don’t use any plugins to reduce bounce rate. People don’t want them to be spammed or used without their permission. Think about their privacy, they have the right to visit only what they want.

What do you think about this? Comment and let’s talk about it here.

Blogger & Brand Strategist at BlogBing.

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